Mission Statement

The mission of New Peoples Bankshares is to provide high quality, state of the art, golden rule banking services to our communities while giving a reasonable return to our stockholders and providing a challenging and rewarding work environment for our family of employees.

  • We believe we have to serve our customers and exceed their expectations.
  • We believe in being honest in all our dealings, both with customers, and with our employees.
  • We are committed to remain a locally owned and operated financial institution.

Ten Core Values

  • Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. We will earn your trust.
  • When we help you succeed, we succeed together!
  • We will treat every person, regardless of gender, age, or race with respect & dignity.
  • Many of our people are owners in the bank; owners are highly motivated to provide unparalleled personal service.
  • We keep our commitments.
  • We will provide innovative products & competitive pricing
  • We are dedicated to constant communication with our customers.
  • Your business should be confidential.....period!
  • We believe in continuing education and training to be the best in serving your financial needs.
  • We will make our community a better place to live.